RIT Men's Hockey

This was a self assignment I created as a way to display the best images made during the 2017-18 men's hockey season for an online magazine layout. As part of my role as photo editor for RIT SportsZone I live edited the hockey games by ingesting cards, toning, uploading images to instagram and sending them to different content managers. 

After the hockey season ended, I went through all the men's hockey images to find the most storytelling and successful images. I knew I wanted to feature large bleed images as well as grids that highlighted an aspect of the game. For example, I knew I wanted to include images of the "Corner Crew", a corner where the most dedicated hockey fans sit.

I also challenged myself to create my own layout. I looked at different design templates online and in print to get an idea of what I wanted. I pulled the colors from the first hockey images to match the orange from the jerseys. 

I tried to be conscious of how the images on the spread were working together and using lines to help the viewer's eye travel across the entire page.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 2.57.03 PM.png

This assignment helped me to really boil down an edit to the most storytelling images. It helped that I had seen these images come through when they were shot so I knew what images I wanted to go back and grab. It also helped to do a wide edit long after my live edit because I found images during the first games that I worked that I had overlooked. I saw my own edit become stronger the more games I edited.