Special Olympics

As part of an independent study, Bridget Fetsko and I were chosen to be co producers of RIT's coverage of the New York State Special Olympics Winter Games in Rochester, NY. We were tasked with devising a plan to assign photographers and editors to four different locations over two days. Our end deliverable was a website that housed the best images of all the events.

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Our prep leading up to the event included recruiting participants, holding information meetings, planning a workflow, securing press credentials, and being cognizant of how to assign photographers. We had every year level represented including photojournalism students, advertising photography students, and photo science students. We took into consideration individuals' experience levels and looked for students to act as team leads in places that we were not able to be in.

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We also had to be conscious of posting to various Instagram accounts. We were in charge of posting to the Special Olympics NY account and RIT's photo account. The Special Olympics account was used for action images of various athletes across all events. We knew that they majority of people looking at the website and Instagram were family members of athletes and so we tried to cater to that demographic. The RIT Photo account has a following of RIT students and alumni. We used images of students working as well as what we felt to be the most visually strong images on this account.

The experience taught me how to manage working with a large number of people and the importance of making sure that everyone participating understands their value of their individual role as part of a larger team. We have the opportunity to collaborate with advertising photography students who had a vision to create heroic style portraits after the athletes finished competing. The portraits were a large success at the event for the athletes and the photographers.